The Martin Agency asked us to create an activation for AXE using their platform, The AXE Effect. Even in a digital world, scent sharing is still a powerful means of attraction. What was once a letterman jacket that smelled like his cologne is now a hoodie that smells like his AXE body spray. Unfortunately, due to the Axe Effect, this has led to a lot of "borrowed" sweatshirts. It's time that AXE takes responsibility and offers up a solution.
AXE begins the activation by posting an apology letter on all of their social media channels, taking responsibility for the "borrowed" hoodie phenomenon.
After a few days of public anticipation, AXE will release the replacement hoodie sweepstakes.
Buy a can of AXE body spray  Scan the QR code  Enter for a chance to win a scented hoodie
​​​​​​​Strategy: Emily Day; Copywriter: Cameron Sharer;
Art Director: Becca Hammond; Experience Designer: Jamie Ikley

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